Private Garden Japanese Knotweed Services

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Japanese knotweed does not discriminate and can invade anywhere, from small domestic properties to large development sites. We are able to provide knotweed removal services for householders whose own private gardens have been invaded by the troublesome weed.


Why tackle knotweed in your garden

Japanese knotweed (Fallopia Japonica) is a highly invasive weed capable of causing serious damage to buildings and their foundations if not removed in a timely and professional way. The costs of not tackling a knotweed problem at the earliest opportunity will inevitably escalate.

In addition to any structural damage, Japanese knotweed can have a detrimental effect on gardens themselves. Its rapid rate of growth means that it can very quickly move across a wide area, out-competing and destroying surrounding plants in a garden area as well as progressing to affect nearby buildings and neighbouring properties.


Japanese knotweed treatment

The most cost-effective method of dealing with Japanese knotweed in private gardens is chemical treatment. This uses herbicides over time to eventually kill off the plant. Typically this will be sprayed on the foliage or applied to the root stems, with several repeat treatments over a period of time, usually between 3-5 years. 

Clearly, chemical treatment isn’t the fastest of methods, so if you need the situation resolving quickly, then other methods of removal such as full excavation might be a more suitable solution. This can be quick but more expensive option and is not typically used in many private gardens unless they have genuine reason for needing the knotweed removing in the swiftest way possible.


Impact on properties and mortgages

If you are buying or selling a knotweed-affected property then this can have real implications for you. Japanese knotweed present in the garden of any property is recognised by many mortgage lenders as a real threat, and for this reason surveyors will now report the presence of Japanese knotweed in their reports

It’s a fact now that some major lenders will flatly refuse to lend on properties that have a knotweed problem. Thankfully, this doesn’t mean that domestic property owners will be unable to move home until the knotweed problem has been fully sorted, as often an ongoing plan for tackling the knotweed can be enough to satisfy most mortgage lenders.


How can we help you?

If you have a property whose garden has been affected by knotweed, we can help. We work closely with RICS surveyors to provide you with a very thorough report detailing the extent of the knotweed on the property and proposed treatment plan. This is aimed at placating mortgage lenders and convincing them that the property is a safe option for a buyer.

Our comprehensive site surveys include scaled drawings of the site and the Japanese knotweed infestations, along with a full risk assessment. From this we can then propose a treatment plan, all backed with our guarantees and insurance warranties. 

Our services can take the stress out of buying or selling a knotweed affected property. We can start work before papers are exchanged and continue treatment even when the property has passed over to the new owner. Even after completion of the Japanese knotweed treatment, we will continue to monitor the property to ensure that the knotweed does not return.

If you are considering selling or buying a properly and have concerns about Japanese knotweed please feel free to contact our specialist survey team.