How to choose the best Japanese Knotweed removal company

Japanese knotweed removal is a job for the specialist. There are many knotweed removal companies claiming to be experts, but it can be difficult to see through the mass of firms to ensure you select the right one to tackle your Japanese knotweed infestation. 

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How do I choose a Japanese knotweed removal company?

Choosing the right Japanese knotweed removal firm is vital to ensure your problem is dealt with effectively and is unlikely to return. Here are some tips to help you choose which of the available Japanese knotweed removal contractors you should look to bring in for guaranteed results: 

Use a knotweed removal company based on recommendation 

There’s one way to be sure that the knotweed removal company you are planning to use is a trusted and efficient contractor, and that is by going on recommendation. Whether you are a householder, landowner or developer, ask around and do your research to ensure that the Japanese knotweed removal companies you are considering will do a good job. 

Get online, look for reviews and recommendations. While some companies may look to bolster their reputation with bogus reviews, it’s fair to assume that the bulk of reviews are trustworthy, and if the company in question has no reviews whatsoever, then probably best that you just move on. 

If you have a recommendation from a known individual then you’ll have confidence in the information you are being told. You’ll be able to follow up with additional questions to find out more about the Japanese knotweed removal company and how they operate. 

Select a knotweed removal contractor based on years of experience 

Going hand-in-hand with reputation will be the length of time a particular company has been in operation. Japanese knotweed removal contractors with many years of experience will have the expertise to tackle your knotweed problem regardless of the scale of the infestation. 

If a firm has been operating for a number of years this will provide you with the confidence to know that they will do a good job, but also that any warranty you have will be valid for the length of that guarantee (unless it is an insurance-backed guaranteed) as there is less likelihood of a well-established company folding during that time. 

Make sure they a member of a trade body 

Take a look to see if the company is a member of a trade body that represents the knotweed industry. INNSA (Invasive Non Native Specialists Association) and the PCA (Property Care Association) are trade bodies within the industry and ensure members work to high standards and hold the relevant accreditations. 

Establish how quickly can your knotweed removal company act 

When it comes to Japanese knotweed, time is of the essence. Ignoring it is not an option, and the fast-growing nature of the troublesome weed means that the sooner it is tackled the better.  

The longer the issue goes unchecked then the worse (and more costly) the problem can become, especially if the knotweed infestation leads to legal issues for you. For this reason, you want a company who can act swiftly.  

Select by your chosen (or available) methods of Japanese knotweed control 

Japanese knotweed can be eradicated and there are varying methods that this can be achieved. Chemical and mechanical treatment methods are all options that are available and could be used depending on your site. 

Non-chemical control includes digging out the deep rhizome root growth which then needs to be properly disposed of. Specialist Japanese knotweed removal contractors are usually licensed to remove the weed from your site, but you should be sure before contracting their services.  

Chemical control, often using glyphosate-based formulations applied to the foliage, are an effective method of control but will take several seasons to properly be eradicated. . 

Understand their levels of Japanese knotweed expertise 

A number of the well-established Japanese knotweed removal companies are actively involved in research of the best way to eradicate or control the plant. They engage with research projects, often with top experts, to find more effective and innovative solutions to knotweed control. 

One such example is the eco-friendly MeshTech method. Designed by Dr Eric Connelly and JKSL, the method does not use any chemicals, and therefore ensures that the surrounding environment is largely unaffected. It is an ideal deal technique for Japanese knotweed eradication on riverside locations, railway embankments and highways.   

Companies that invest in this level of research will often have patents for any new equipment, devices or methods of eliminating knotweed, so when doing your company research see if you can find any reference to any of these. You can be sure that if they’ve invested in this area then they are going to be more effective than some of their competitors. 

Can I get insurance against Japanese Knotweed returning?

There’s one thing sure to give you confidence when it comes to Japanese knotweed and that’s an insurance backed guarantee 

In some instances that guarantee might just be under the company’s Professional Indemnity or Public Liability insurance, which would then become meaningless if the company ceased trading. What you actually need is an insurance-backed guarantee underwritten by a known insurer which would cover you for the cost of any additional work should the knotweed return to your previously treated site. 

Only the top Japanese knotweed removal companies would be able to offer this kind of guarantee, often for a period of five or ten years.  

How do I get my choice of Japanese knotweed contractor right?

By following the tips above will help you find the best company for your needs. While it may be tempting to go for one based solely on price, avoid this, as any firm that can so easily undercut the rest you have to ask sort of shortcuts might they be taking to keep their costs down? 

Doing your research and going by recommendation should ensure that you find a knotweed removal contractor that is suitable for you and prevents a costly headache in future. 

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