Commercial Japanese Knotweed Services

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Japanese knotweed often presents a huge problem on commercial sites as it can hinder development and sometimes end use of a site. Additionally, the need to avoid a worsening problem and prevent nuisance claims, ensures that commercial landowners need to act if knotweed is found on their site.

We can tailor Japanese knotweed disposal and eradication schemes to suit individual sites and understand the needs for the problem to often be dealt with as swiftly as possible, so as to avoid any unnecessary delay.


Excavation provides a speedy knotweed solution

For many commercial sites, where time constraints mean that chemical treatment is often not an option, this narrows it down largely to excavation being the preferred method. Digging out the roots of Japanese knotweed can be a more expensive option than other methods, and this is due not only to the cost of excavation, but also the management of the waste materials.

Contaminated materials need to be handled carefully and will often be relocated to an onsite waste management area for disposal or burial in a heat welded geo-textile cell. Our staff have extensive experience in Japanese knotweed disposal and excavation and work strictly to methods onsite, to avoid cross-contamination during these processes. Japanese knotweed can also be excavated and removed from site to a licenced landfill facility but at extra cost. 


Other knotweed removal services

The preference for Japanese knotweed excavation methods, due to time scale limitations, does not apply to all commercial sites who may still be able to utilise some of the other methods of Japanese knotweed removal and control such as:


Chemical treatment is considered the most cost-effective way of eradicating Japanese knotweed. Treatment can take between 2 to 5 years to complete, so may not always be the best solution for all commercial sites.


A method for the more environmentally friendly company since it is a chemical-free method of controlling Japanese knotweed. This treatment method is unique and patented to us.


Trials are being conducted across the UK with the release of the naturally-occurring predator, native to Japan, the Psyllid Aphid, which can help keep the growth of Japanese knotweed in check. 


Responsibilities for commercial landowners

Japanese knotweed can spread rapidly and cause extensive damage, so it’s the responsibility of landowners and developers to at least contain it within their property. It’s not against the law to have Japanese knotweed on land, but any business allowing it to spread to surrounding land is an offence that could bring a fine of up to £20,000. That is why inactivity is not really an option for commercial landowners.


Cost of Japanese knotweed removal

We are an experienced but affordable japanese knotweed removal company. Each commercial property situation is different so your quote would be tailored to your exact requirements. A rough idea on costs can be found below: 

Small commercial site – approximately £5,000 +VAT for a chemical treatment programme including a 10 year insurance backed guarantee for the site.

Mechanical – priced on an individual basis as costs depend on various factors, such as topography, methodology, geological makeup, access and ecological restraints. Typically they start from around £7,000 + VAT. Mechanical methodologies come with a 15 year guarantee as standard practice.


Please contact us if you require a more accurate Japanese knotweed quotation for your commercial site.