Japanese Knotweed Removal York

Japanese knotweed is causing a significant headache for households, businesses, and authorities around the country, and York and its surrounding areas have not escaped its reach. Stringent laws mean that controlling the weed is essential to avoid any potential legal action, so acting when you suspect you may have the invasive plant on your property is vital. We have the skills and expertise in Japanese knotweed removal services in York to help you with any problem you are facing with knotweed. 

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Japanese Knotweed Removal in York

We are experienced working in the knotweed removal service. For more than a decade, we have helped many customers with knotweed problems. The members of our team are considered some of the best of the knotweed removal industry. Our customer service team are ready to respond to your call today. 

On contacting us, our team will survey your land first and establish the presence of any Japanese knotweed. If we find the invasive plant on site, we will devise a tailored plan for your property to tackle the knotweed effectively.  

There is no doubt that knotweed can be extremely destructive. The root of the weed can penetrate concrete and the foundations of a building. Equally as alarming is the actual rate at which the plant can grow and spread. If you allow knotweed to spread from your prpoerty to a neighbouring property, then this could lead to legal difficulties. We are in hand to make sure that your knotweed situation doesn’t come to that.  

The essential thing with knotweed is taking swift action. Our Japanese knotweed removal in the York services will support you with your knotweed problem and help put you at ease.  

We know Japanese knotweed is tough to remove, and only needs a small stem or rhizome to start to grow again. Removal is better handled by professionals like us. We are fully confident in our knotweed removal work and provide a 100% removal guarantee. We have carried out work for many residential and commercial properties in the York area, gaining many satisfied clients in the process. 


If you are interested in finding out how JKSL can assist you with Japanese knotweed removal needs in York, contact us now. Reach us on 0161 7232000 or email the team at jk@sltd.co.uk. We are ready and available to discuss how we can help with Japanese knotweed removal in York

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