Japanese Knotweed Removal Newcastle

Japanese knotweed is a nuisance for the UK including the Newcastle area. Not only can the troublesome plant cause structural damage to your property, it could also present you with legal difficulties should you allow it to spread from your land to a nearby propertyThis is why it is vital to act  should your suspect the presence of knotweed on your land. 

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Japanese Knotweed Removal in Newcastle

While it is not illegal to have Japanese knotweed on your land, the law requires that you prevent it spreading. If you suspect that knotweed has taken a hold on your property, you should engage the service of an expert knotweed removal company to eliminate any trace of the weed from your property.  

We have the required skills and experience in Japanese knotweed removal services in Newcastle to help you with your knotweed problem. Our highly trained team have many years of experience and have produced numerous satisfied clients in the Newcastle area. We have a quality customer service team ready to receive your call. 

On contacting us, our team will survey your land and look for evidence of a knotweed outbreak. If the presence is confirmed then we will produce a plan specific to your land’s unique requirements for the removal of the knotweed 

Removing knotweed can be difficult. It can’t usually be effectively treated with DIY solutions and is best left to the experts. Ignoring the knotweed problem is not really an option as, if it remains untreated, aside from the structural damage and associated costs, knotweed could cause you legal difficultiesWare here to ensure that never happens to you. 

The most significant factor when dealing with knotweed is taking quick action to minimise the damage and cost. Our Japanese knotweed removal in Newcastle service will arrange a swift and efficient plan of how to stop your knotweed invasion. To provide you with confidence about our service, we back our work with a removal guarantee.  

If you are eager to learn how JKSL can meet your Japanese knotweed removal needs in Newcastle, please contact us. You can reach us on 0161 7232000 or email us [email protected]. Our team will be happy to discuss all the details about our service and how we can help you with Japanese knotweed removal in Newcastle 

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