Japanese Knotweed Removal Islington

Japanese knotweed is considered the most aggressive and invasive plant in the UK. If left untreated, the weed can create major destruction on property. Local authorities and the Environment Agency are concerned about the weed infestation, meaning that property owners, including those in Islington, must act if they discover Japanese knotweed on their land. 


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As the law requires homeowner and property owners to prevent knotweed spreading, it is vital to have the best experts to hand to managand control your knotweed infestation. We have the expertise and experience in Japanese knotweed removal services in Islington to support you with your Japanese knotweed problem. 

Our professional team has helped us to become one of the best regarded in the knotweed removal industry. All our staff have the necessary skills and training to tackle your problem in an efficient and cost-effective manner. We also have a quality customer service team to help you through the entire process. 

The knotweed removal team will visit your site and confirm whether or not there is a knotweed infestation. We will then devise an action plan for your property. Every plan for a site is unique and specifically created because each job has a different scenario and needs different solutions. 

Japanese knotweed can spread quickly, so ignoring any infestation is not an option. The invasive weed can cause huge damage, even destabilising buildings or foundations. The mere mention of Japanese knotweed can decrease your property’s value. Allowing the plant to spread to adjacent plots can also potentially lead to a lawsuit. We can make sure that it doesn’t come to that. 

Our team have experience of knotweed removaland we can safely say that the best way to minimise the cost of the invasive plant is to take swift action. Our Japanese knotweed removal in the Islington servicewill aid you with the removal of knotweed in an efficient manner.  

Japanese knotweed is not easy to remove and can sometimes require extensive excavation to ensure that every last trace of the root has been removed. DIY solutions at knotweed removal are not highly effective and that is why we recommend that you call in professionals who can give you a guarantee of knotweed removal.  

Need the help of JKSL with Japanese knotweed removal needs in Islington? Get in touch with us on 0161 7232000 or email the team at [email protected]. We are ready to discuss how the team can help you with Japanese knotweed removal in Islington today. 

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Japanese knotweed is one of the toughest, most damaging and insidious plants in the world.

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