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Japanese knotweed is one of the toughest, most damaging and insidious plants in the world.

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Residential and Commercial Knotweed Treatments

Identifying Japanese knotweed

As you look out at your garden or commercial location, you may see a range of wildlife across the site, including weeds. Many of these weeds will be harmless, but certain types can do a lot of damage.

Japanese knotweed is certainly one of those more damaging weeds. But how do you know if the weed in question is Japanese knotweed?



How to identify Japanese knotweed

There are a range of different elements and features that can help you identify Japanese knotweed. Some of these are present year-round, and some depend on seasonal changes. In short, the key features for identification are:

  • Bright green and shovel-shaped leaves
  • Leaves growing from the stem in a zig-zag pattern
  • Pronounced veins and red or deep pink stalk
  • Leaves up to 120mm long (other knotweeds can be up to 400mm)

While this information can be useful for you being able to identify the presence of Japanese knotweed yourself, you may still be unsure of whether it is definitely Japanese knotweed or not. This is where it can be useful to enlist the services of a Japanese knotweed expert, who can advise on whether your issue is definitely Japanese knotweed or not.

An expert Japanese knotweed service will be able to identify if – and exactly where – Japanese knotweed may be present on your site. You can often get an initial identification by sending a photo of the suspected knotweed in for them to assess, with a full identification then taking place in person.


Dealing with your Japanese knotweed

Should you receive a confirmed of identification on your site, it is time to move forward with finding the ideal treatment and/or removal to ensure that the weed is eradicated from your site.

This isn’t merely optional, as with a commercial site it can actually break regulations to not remove Japanese knotweed, while on domestic properties, if the Japanese knotweed spreads to a neighbouring property due to your wilful inaction, it can lead to possible legal charges.

So, secure your quote today to ensure your Japanese knotweed issues are dealt with as quickly and fully as possible.

Japanese knotweed treatment

There are a range of different ways you can treat your Japanese knotweed, with the ideal treatment for your site depending on a range of factors, including the extent of the spread on your site, the presence of any water features on your site and the amount you want to spend. So, how do you go about identifying the best treatment method?



How to treat Japanese knotweed

In terms of selecting of the right treatment for your site, it really does come down to letting a trusted Japanese knotweed removal expert examine the exact nature of the knotweed spread on your site and the specific characteristics of your site with regards to surrounding buildings, vegetation, animal life and/or water sources.

The expert in Japanese knotweed removal will assess the nature of your site, before recommending a personalised package of one or several treatments that can best deal with Japanese knotweed on your site.

  • Chemical Treatment
  • Excavation & Burial
  • Excavation & Incineration
  • Bespoke Environmentally-Sensitive Methods


How do you know if the Japanese knotweed treatment will work?

In short, you don’t know for sure that a specific Japanese knotweed treatment will take immediate effect on your site.

It could take a while for your knotweed to be fully treated and dealt with, but the value of working with a trusted Japanese knotweed removal expert is that they will be able to monitor the impact of each treatment in detail and ensure that the Japanese knotweed – both stem and root network – is fully dealt with, rather than being cut back.

One point worth being aware of is that the Japanese knotweed removal services we provide quotes for come with a 100% removal guarantee, ensuring that you can have full confidence that, however long the process takes, you will have your Japanese knotweed issue completely dealt with.

Offering a highly-skilled team of removal experts and nationwide coverage, we’ll be able to assess your site as soon as possible and provide the best possible combination of treatment methods.

Japanese knotweed eradication

Once you have put a treatment in place on your site, you will want to ensure it leads to a full and lasting removal of Japanese knotweed from your site.

The fact that Japanese knotweed is such a robust weed has not only allowed it to grow extensively across the UK, but also means that a full eradication of Japanese knotweed from a site must be done carefully and expertly, as the weed can regrow from even small root fragment. You really want to ensure you put Japanese knotweed out for the count.



How do you eradicate Japanese knotweed?

Reliable eradication of Japanese knotweed – whether from a domestic or commercial site – requires a removal team who go about every action on the infected site in a careful and knowledgeable manner.

You should only work with experts who ensure the complete removal of your Japanese knotweed, from initial identification, to assessing the spread across the site, to finding the right treatment method and on through to the completion of treatment and removal. To ensure eradication, the following qualities should be in place:

  • Finding the right treatment method
  • Ensuring safe disposal of all knotweed scraps
  • Careful use of all equipment to avoid any further contamination
  • Ongoing care to ensure that Japanese knotweed never returns


How do you ensure the Japanese knotweed stays gone?

There are several key parts to ensuring the Japanese knotweed on your site is fully dealt with and does not return. These elements can be provided by any trusted knotweed removal team we quote on, and include:

  • Selecting the correct treatment/s for your knotweed infestation
  • Ensuring complete removal (including all root systems) from your site
  • Providing a warranty option that includes aftercare and follow-up

Japanese knotweed warranties

In addition to getting the right identification, treatment and eradication in place for all of your Japanese knotweed issues, you can also consider the option of adding a warranty, backed by insurance, that ensures that you are protected against any recurrence of Japanese knotweed for the long-term.

The last thing you want is to pay out a substantial amount for full removal of Japanese knotweed, only to see it pop up again in the future, which is a danger with such a robust weed. So, how do you go about finding the right warranty option?



What Japanese knotweed warranty should I look for?

When taking out a warranty in relation to your Japanese knotweed removal, there are a few key aspects that you should look out for to ensure that you are properly protected for the long-term. We provide quotes for Japanese knotweed removal from expert removal services who offer provisions including:

  • 10-year insurance backed warranty options
  • Ongoing aftercare and expert advice
  • Follow-up visits to ensure the knotweed stays gone
  • Access to phone support for any specific questions


How do I ensure I get a warranty?

When you get your Japanese knotweed removal quote, you can speak to your removal expert about their range of warranty options and how you can find the best fit for your site.

We ensure that we provide a quote that reflects the nature of your site, with an exact overall cost being provided – including your warranty option – once a site assessment has been completed.

We can say with confidence that any quote you get from us will ensure your Japanese knotweed problem is gone, and with a warranty, gone for good.

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Japanese knotweed is one of the toughest, most damaging and insidious plants in the world.

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